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Our infographic of the week comes from Andy Dolich, President of Dolich Consulting, along with being the Managing Director and Head of the US Sports Practice with the International executive search firm, Odgers Berndtson. Mr. Dolich also teaches at the University of San Francisco, serving as the Director of Career Development for the Collegiate Athletics Master’s Program.


“Everyone talks teamwork, teamwork, teamwork! Aren’t we in the business of teamwork? Not everyone has to love each other, but you do have respect each other… in quality organizations everyone knows what they are accountable and responsible for…I also believe that…I like to look at people that have lost something along the way. Whether it’s a job or whether its something that happened in their life, that makes them that much tougher. Not people that have had everything come there way easy. There’s so many incredibly multi-tasking super smart young people, and it’ll get even more competitive… but even though you’re multi-task capable, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have you’re act together”

Read more about his interview here

Interview with Andy Dolich, President of Dolich Consulting

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