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Our infographic of the week comes from Alyssa Bosley, Professor for the School of Hospitality, Sport and Recreation Management at JMU. A professional with over twelve years of experience, Alyssa was gracious in offering up her time and insight about what the 21st century student and professional needs to do to prepare for a career in sports.


Like most professionals, this is something she has “struggled with;” for her, “finding a work life balance was one of the reasons why moving to academia was appealing to me.” Her best advice to find a work/life balance is that “You just have to unplug yourself; don’t respond to emails after a certain time.” And along with that you “have to understand what your priorities are.” She would go on to emphasize time management saying, “If you work hard and efficiently during the business hours, you will have more time to enjoy yourself. Becoming burnt out is something that will happen very quickly if you aren’t careful.

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Interview with Alyssa Bosley, Professor for the School of Hospitality, Sport & Recreation Management at JMU

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