Syracuse Sanctioned by NCAA After Violations

Syracuse has been hit with a huge punishment from the NCAA. In 2007, the investigation started when Syracuse reported some violations but the NCAA began to find additional information that the school had not reported. Yahoo Sports reported in 2012 that Syracuse violated its own drug policy over a decade span. Coach Boeheim criticized the investigation stating, “The investigation went on for an extreme and excessive amount of time. It’s unacceptable for our membership to have cases that drag on this long.” 


In light of the NCAA investigation ending, Syracuse imposed a self ban on postseason play. Syracuse says that the violation occurred, “Years ago.” To me, that tells me that ‘we should not have to be punished with any other violations since we missed up years ago.’ Well, that did not sit so well with the NCAA. Syracuse was hit with these violations on Friday:

– 5 year probation

– Vacate wins with ineligible players (’04-’05, ’05-’06, ’06-07, ’10-’11, ’11-’12)

– Loss 3 scholarships per year for the next 4 years

– Coach Boeheim suspended for the next 9 games

This is a huge hit for the Syracuse basketball program. Not only will their scholarships be taken away but the team will play in conference for most of the games that Coach Boeheim will be suspended for. Syracuse is currently one of the bubble teams that may or may not make the NCAA Tournament this season and this could effect the team on the court.

What the investigation gathered were these violations from Syracuse:

• Academic misconduct, including academic support members who were posing as athletes in emails with professors and doing coursework.

• Extra benefits, including $8,000 in cash from a booster to three football players and two basketball players for volunteering at the YMCA.

• Failure to follow drug testing policy, including allowing players who failed drug tests to continue playing in games from 2001-09 in the basketball program.

• Impermissible booster activity

Statement from the University, “The University is considering whether it will appeal certain portions of the decision. Coach Boeheim may choose to appeal the portions of the decision that impact him personally. Should he decide to do so, we would support him in this step.”



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