Tennessee’s Donnie Tyndall Met With NCAA

Currently the Head Coach of the Tennesses Vols, Donnie Tyndall met with the NCAA for a second time on March 16th. The first meeting was held in November after the news broke to the media a source told Yahoo Sports. The NCAA is investigating Tyndall’s tenure while coaching the Southern Miss Golden Eagles from 2012-2014. Southern Miss ineligible players were in violation while enrolled in classes and living in off campus apartments. The NCAA is currently investigating who aided players with rent and tuition. Southern Miss has penalized itself with a self-imposed postseason ban for the season and has reported three of the players.


No information about the NCAA and coach Tyndall meeting has been released to media as of yet. In Tyndall’s contract with the Tennesses Vols, he could be fire for any involvement with a violation with another program.

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