The 2017-2018 NBA Season on Twitter

We are a couple of hours away from the  start of the 2017-2018 NBA season. The first game of the season will be Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics in what should be an epic showdown. You see, the NBA off-season was messier than an episode of The Real Housewives of [insert city here]. Talks of the NBA draft, trades, contracts and big baller money had the Twitterverse on edge for months. The day of reckoning is finally here.

What better way to start off the season than having the Cleveland Cavaliers play the Boston Celtics at 8pm on TNT with a second game of the Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors at 10:30pm. Will the Warriors dominate this season? How will Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas play against their old teammates? How well will LeBron and D-Wade play together? The Cavaliers vs Celtics game will definitely light social media on fire, especially Twitter. I mean, it’s v v lit! There have been nearly 76 million #NBA-related Tweets since the NBA Finals ended in June. How many tweets will tonight’s games bring?

Make sure you’re ready to join the conversation by following TNT (@NBAonTNT), ESPN (@ESPNNBA and @ESPN), NBA TV (@NBATV) and your favorite teams and players. Add some fly to your tweets with these exclusive NBA hashtags.

Who are the most followed teams and players on Twitter?

Not only is LeBron James the most followed NBA player on Twitter with 39 million followers, he’s also the most retweeted person in Twitter history with that “U bum” tweet. How sweet to be the king of the court and also the king of Twitter. Now if only he could be the king of hairlines. I kid, I kid. I’m built up with excitement because I can finally have something in the sports world to look forward to. Welcome back, NBA. I’ve missed you!

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