Fan Experience

The Arrival

It took two flights, four to five hours and taxi for Team Fans Favorite Fan to get to the Bahamas Bowl. We are here in Nassau, Bahamas to cover the 4th Annual Bahamas Bowl with University of Alabama-Birmingham playing against Ohio University.

Our Junior Fan Experience Intern (my son) Christopher excited about our Arrival

This is Fans Favorite Fan’s first international trip to cover a college football game and this is special to us. I remember hearing about the “International Bowl” game back in 2006 and wanting to be a part of that experience as a fan. This year one of the teams we’ve covered UAB is playing internationally in a bowl game worth traveling for. Again remember when I told you to “Believe in the Blazers”??? Yes that was them and now everyone around college football America believes. This program has truly used this season to prove that where there is hope there are fans ready to support you & rebuild.

When the teams arrived to Nassau on Monday, Head Coach Bill Clark stated that “there was a lot of work that went into bringing this program back and for those guys & these coaches to get rewarded this sway, it really couldn’t get much better”. I feel as if anyone that has supported this program before it was shut down in 2014 to now are reaping the blessings from standing by the team. I shared with my followers how the Bahamas has been the talk of conversation amongst my family due to my 6 year old Christopher finding the “Leap of Faith” video on YouTube. This video made me think that if I took a leap of faith and applied for a media credential to cover this game, what could they say to me that I haven’t already heard all season? NO. Nope. Declined. No way. Let’s see.

Many of you do not see how hard my team works weekly to create original content that shares stories about teams like UAB that you wouldn’t see on mainstream sports media pages. We aren’t working with any networks. We still don’t have any investors. No sponsors. No consistent revenue. Yet, we had a phone call made to us to check and see if we really wanted to have this experience and I said, “YES!” Covering a team like UAB reminds me that there are fans who want an opportunity to support their teams do great things like this and there’s a lot more about this experience than going to a game.

Image by Ben Solomon Photography

Over the past two days that the teams have been in the Bahamas they have been a part of a Youth Football clinic and a visit to Ranfurly Homes for Children. This isn’t all play for them. They are shown how to visit a country like the Bahamas and be a part of it’s culture for an entire week. That’s a lot for some of these guys that may not have thought that football could take them on a journey like this. Tomorrow we will have the official press conference for the Bahamas Bowl game and I look forward to sharing that as well as game day coverage on this Friday with you. Let me know what you would like to see and hear about this experience so that I can make sure we share this exclusively with our audience. We appreciate your support and just know we showed up here in the Bahamas like we belong here because we do. Our coverage matters. Fan experiences MATTERS! 

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