Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks Swept Away By The Cleveland Cavaliers

The Atlanta Hawks were swept a second time by The Cleveland Cavaliers. The NBA Playoffs have been exciting left and right but there is nothing exciting about losing 4 straight games in a row. We, the Hawks, always get here. How do we get here and get stuck? As a fan, I knew we weren’t going to beat Cleveland, all I wanted was for us to win ONE game. Nothing would have been more perfect to top off my Mother’s Day with a win but you can’t win them all or one. The Hawks have had a great season, mind you, they didn’t win 60 games in a row but it was a great season nonetheless.

Being swept in 2016 also comes with the best internet meme of all time, The Crying Jordan face. Atlanta couldn’t escape it in the past few days. I find it hilarious, appropriate and the perfect way to describe your feelings at the moment. Some “fans” thought the Hawks were tacky using it for their score Wednesday night. To be ahead of the joke curve is genius.


hawks cj

Best of luck next season. We have to find a way not to be swept off our feet during the second round of the NBA Playoffs. In the meantime and in between time…these jokes will have to fly.

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