Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks vs The San Antonio Spurs

Focus on your focus, or not.

It’s been a long time since I left an Atlanta Hawks game at the end of the third quarter. Last night they gave me no option. I was flabbergasted that we only had 25 points at the half. Yep, TWENTY FIVE points to the San Antonio Spurs 47. Anything is possible and a game is never really over until it’s over, however, the Hawks had zero focus and zero defense. The Spurs were just a better team last night plus they had a lot of fans in the stands which was surprising. The highlight factory was more like a lowlight factory and I was extremely disappointed. A loss of 103-78 is unacceptable when I know they’re such a better team than that.

Don’t panic. I’m not giving up on my Hawks…I just need them to focus! She’s always #TrueToAtlanta




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