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The L.A. Chargers Are ‘LAME’

“It never rains in Southern California.” We aren’t sure about that, but the rain poured down on the beloved fans of the now L.A. Chargers. It was all good a couple of weeks ago and now the team formerly known as the San Diego Chargers may not have any fans to root for them. Many, if not all, are angry and heartbroken over the move. Fans headed to Chargers Park to show their displeasure by leaving hats, shirts and jerseys in a pile in the parking lot. One fan stood out, Bre Priest, a native San Diegoian and a die hard Chargers fan rocking a ‘LAME’ shirt.

Attending a Chargers game was a way of life for Bre. Getting her love of the game from her father. “My dad is a big football fan and it was kinda in my upbringing. Every Sunday was dedicated to football, normally we’d go to the Q (Qualcomm Stadium) and go tailgating. Chargers consumed our days on Sundays. I haven’t wrapped my head around what’s happened yet.” If the Chargers had a solid fan base, why would they jeopardize that by moving to a city that already has an NFL team? Does the L.A. Rams ring a bell. Let’s bring in owner Dean Spanos into the equation.

This is a man didn’t even tell the team’s staff or the San Diego officials about his decision. How did they find out? Two words… Social Media. Fans don’t see this has a Chargers decision, but as a Spanos decision. I asked Bre what she thought about Spanos. “I think Dean Spanos extremely selfish and was only concerned about money which I think in the end will backfire on him because based on everything I’ve seen in the news in the media. It’s not just to San Diego that is really upset with Dean it seems like the whole country is.” Although the Rams and the Chargers play in two different divisions, there’s still two NFL teams in L.A.

In business you learn not to over saturate the market. The Chargers just did that. Two football teams playing in the same city doesn’t make sense and I doubt that there will be enough dollars brought in to make cents. The math just doesn’t add up. “The Chargers will be playing at the Stub Hub Center in Carson which is where the L.A. Galaxy play and that is a very small stadium that holds approximately 27,000 people which is equivalent to some Texas high school football stadiums. For an NFL team to be playing there, they basically are going to be looking like a J.V. team in the NFL. I just don’t think that they’re going to get the support because most people from Diego are done with the Chargers,” said Bre.



Listening to the Bre speak so passionately about the Chargers and her love for the team is saddening that it came to an end in the manner in which it did. She called Spanos distasteful and unclassy. Things didn’t have to finish on such a sour note but this was the way Spanos obviously wanted. New location, new logo…who dis? Speaking of the logo, who decided to play let’s just add a lighting bolt to the L.A. Dodgers logo and call it the new Chargers logo? They changed their logo three times in 36 hours. Which lead Bre to make lemonade out of lemons.

She’d been a Padre fan and designed a shirt using the Dodgers logo before. “The first thing I thought of was it looks exactly like the Dodgers logo and even the Dodgers colors. They added a little squiggly just sort of resemble a bolt. It looked like somebody in middle school art class would learn on some sort of graphic design.” If this isn’t a bad knock off I don’t know what is. Bre used her designing skills to whip up a shirt with the new Chargers logo but made it into a ‘LAME’ shirt. Why lame? She thought this moving business was a total lame decision. The kicker is the back of the shirt has the hashtag #SpanosSucks! She took her freshly minted shirt down to Chargers Park to show her solidarity with the other Chargers fans that Spanos had made the wrong decision.

Only time will tell if Spanos decision was truly a bad move. In the meantime, Bre has made the right move with her ‘Lame’ shirts. She’s gone viral and has started selling her infamous tee at  Bre’s shirts have been selling well. It may never rain in Southern California, but there’s a new rain for Bre to get used to. Spanos, you won’t be the only one seeing green.




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