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Overheard: “This game went exactly how I thought.” I know I didn’t say this and the only people that can agree with it were the Ohio University Bobcats fans. The storylines about the Bahamas Bowl game were all about the college football program at UAB and their return to the football field. So did the Ohio University Bobcats have a chip on their shoulders? Yes, but not because of that. The team collectively believes that they were better than being an 8-win team, so winning the bowl game today confirmed that. The first half of the game seemed like a slow slaughter. Ohio University Quarterback Nathan Rourke quietly led his team to a 27-3 lead over the Blazers and many fans were looking around for answers. What hurt the Blazers the most in the first half was not just their scoreless drives, but the PENALTIES! It seemed like on every play offensively or defensively there was a flag flying that would be against UAB. Lots of yardage was lost both ways of the ball and it looked as if all hope was lost for UAB going into the second half.

In the second half, the Blazers came out hot. They were moving the ball down the field and once they were in the red zone the Bobcats defense held them to a field goal. A touchdown at this point of the game would have been a game changer for the Blazers, but that touchdown never happened. The impressive running game by RB Dorian Brown was something to see in person. He talked about how he wasn’t able to play two games and how he wanted to step up his game today. 12 carries for 158 yards is one way to step your game up! This game was dominated by Ohio University and I didn’t think they would’ve been able to keep up with UAB’s speed. In the post game press conference, Bobcats Head Coach Frank Solich stated, “We started the hydration program quite awhile ago back in Athens, Ohio. Our guys have been good at hydrating and doing things like that to give themselves the best chance in the game. We had enough time to prepare and conditioned well enough to be in good condition when we came down here. We obviously knew that we couldn’t come down here and get in great shape in three days by working them out really hard. We kind of saved their energy here until the end and it seemed to work out well. They’ve always been the type of team that has done the little things to keep themselves in great shape.” This is crucial considering how the weather here is in the Bahamas and how both teams had to adapt to that while staying hydrated.


The Bobcats were physically and mentally prepared for this game and it was obvious. Congratulations to the Ohio University Bobcats, their fans and everyone that watched the Bahamas Bowl game. I will share another fan experience post right after I enjoy my KALIK beer of the Bahamas! CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES NASSAU!!!!!

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