CFB Top 5 #FansFavorite Things

#5: Kennesaw State’s First Home game

The energy was intoxicating! The sounds were perfect. The weather was beautiful as fans walked up to Fifth Third Bank Stadium to cheer on the Kennesaw State University Owls in Kennesaw, Georgia. This is their first season of College Football and they are a FCS team in the Big South Conference ready to compete! Kennesaw State is 2-0 and beat HBCU Edward Waters College 58-7




Their Fans striped the stadium. College Gameday was there. A young man asked a girl to Homecoming and she said YES. What else happened in East Lansing? Well Oregon lost! This is one of the few times I can admit I cheered for Team Green and I don’t mind sharing that. They deserved this and I truly think they could be in the Top 4 of the College Football Playoff. Keep your eyes open FANS



I do not know what happened to Tennessee in one week, but my goodness I was shocked. The Vols blew a 17-point lead and Oklahoma beat them in Double overtime. I mean is there anything else to say here? Get it together Tennessee.




I think I asked myself this at least 5 times before I went back to watch this game again to see how Notre Dame was able to beat Virginia. Notre Dame lost it’s Quarterback Malik Zaire for the rest of the season due to a fractured ankle injury that happened during the game. Just when you think they’re totally out of the game Notre Dame scores a 40 yard touchdown with less than 20 seconds left in the game! HOW VIRGINIA? This game was yours! Whew! That was a lot! But don’t worry Virginia I think GA Tech will be able to handle the Irish soon for you





If I have to explain what WDE means then you are not a SEC fan. How about those Eagles? WAR DAMN EAGLES to be exact. Jacksonville State University came in ready to take them on and it took overtime play for Auburn to beat them. Fans were shocked that Jacksonville State could hang with those tough SEC guys on the field and I wasn’t. Fans please note that not all small College Football programs that play bigger College Football programs are just going to show up and play pitiful. There are some small CFB programs that get Auburn rejects or young men who wanted to attend a bigger program. When you give them the chance to play against the team that didn’t offer them a scholarship and a televised event you better know that they are going to play tough. Although JSU fell short by a touchdown in OT you have to give props to them and their fight. Congrats Auburn you live to see another Game day!

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