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Top 5 NBA Draft Prospects

The closing of this year’s 2017 college basketball season have now cast all caring eyes upon the NBA draft. This year, the NBA draft class has no shortage of potential superstars as it is considered one of the deeper drafts of the past few years. Below is my top 5 ranking of the best NBA prospects who are entering the draft this summer. I based my ranking on both college production and potential.

LEXINGTON, KY - JANUARY 07: De'Aaron Fox #0 of the Kentucky Wildcats dribbles the ball during the game against the Arkansas Razorbacks at Rupp Arena on January 7, 2017 in Lexington, Kentucky. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Number 5 – De’Arron Fox

Fox certainly has all the tools to right away becoming an impact player in the NBA. This lefty has great size to go along with explosive athleticism. His gift is his speed which makes him a blur when he is in transition. He gets to the basket at will and uses his touch to finish at the rim. To see what type of player Fox currently is and has the potential to be, look no further than his Sweet 16 performance against UCLA. Fox dropped 39 points on the helpless Bruins while leading his team to victory. More importantly Fox did so on UCLA star point guard Lonzo Ball. This type of killer instinct will have NBA teams salivating over De’Arron Fox in the upcoming draft.

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Number 4 Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum shined in his one and only season playing for the Duke Blue Devils. The six-foot and eight inch forward has a multitude of skills in his arsenal. He terrorized college defenders in isolation as there were no limit to ways he could score. Footwork, post-ups, shooting, anything – you can name – Tatum used it. Not to mention he is a solid three-point shooter although he could use a little improvement in that aspect of his game. Quite simply, he is too strong for small forwards and too quick for power forwards. Tatum also possess strength and speed which makes him a perfect two – way player candidate. Jayson Tatum is as well rounded as it gets which will surely do him justice in the upcoming NBA draft this June.


Number 3 – Josh Jackson

Josh Jackson is a supreme athlete in every sense of the word. Standing at six feet and eight inches tall, Josh possesses solid size. Although, he will have to add weight once he reaches the NBA. Yet, what he lacks in size he will surely make up for it with his explosiveness. Josh is a high flyer that threatens to put an opponent on a poster every time he drives to the basket. Jackson also has great defense. He uses his long frame and quickness to keep his man in front of him. These skills will only improve as his game translates to the NBA. Jackson has NBA scouts drooling with his endless potential.


Number 2 Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball had quite the season this past year a UCLA. His 7.6 assist per game showcases his best skills as a point guard. Lonzo is the textbook definition of a floor general. His vision and decision making in the open court are second to no one. Ball looks to involve his teammates first which instantly improves any team he joins. He possesses above average height for a point guard at six feet and six inches – a blessing. His height has allowed him to flourish on the boards; evidenced by his 6.4 rebound per game clip. Ultimately, Lonzo could easily move up a spot to the number one overall draft selection based on his endless set of skills.


Number 1 – Markelle Fultz

Compared to the other prospects on this list Fultz had much less talent surrounding him at The University of Washington . Nonetheless, he still had the best statistical season among his counterparts. He put up 23.2 points per game to go along coupled with a 5.9 assists per game. Fultz clearly has all it takes to be a great player at the next level. His six-foot four inch frame gives a physical advantage over most of his opposing point guards. Perhaps, his most impressive skill is his ability to score. Fultz has no problem creating his own shot – a position he had to take given he had no choice when he was playing for Washington. He can blitz defenders with moves off the dribble or facilitate to teammates without hesitation. Although, it’s no written in stone, it appears Markelle Fultz will be this year’s number one overall pick in the upcoming NBA draft this June.

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