University of Alabama reports $46.5 Million PROFIT

Thanks to Aaron Suttles over at fans know how much University of Alabama made last season. It has been reported the Alabama made$46,491,330 and that was $7 million less than what they made in 2014. WHEW! Here is a small breakdown of what this means reports by Suttles:

Media rights fees brought in by the football program, including broadcasting fees from television, radio, and Internet and digital, were more than $20 million. Those rights also included the revenues from the SEC Network.

A total of $37 million was profited from ticket sales and almost $20 million in privates contributions.

Staff salaries, including for head coach Nick Saban’s salary, nine assistant coaches and all support staff and administration, totaled $18,055,483, which also incorporates bonuses. That total rose from $15,490,459 a year before.

The university paid Saban $7,969,113, including bonuses.

Recruiting expenses rose to $1,315,030 in 2015.

Overall, the athletic department profited approximately $16.6 million with total operating revenues of $148.9 million and total expenses of $132.3 million. In 2014, total revenues were $153.2 million with expenses of $129.3.

Read more here at College Football Talk NBC Sports

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