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UPDATE: MIZZOU “We Are United”

This is where you begin to see who is willing to stand WITH you or just WATCH you stand for  change. The entire University of Missouri football team including their Head Coach Gary Pinkel now stands with the Athletes of Color who have stated they will not participate in any football practices or games until President Wolfe resigns. The #MIZZOUHungerStrike was started by Student Jonathan Butler to raise awareness of the issues happening at University of Missouri. #ConcernedStudent1950 refers to the year 1950 when the FIRST black student was accepted into the University of Missouri.


Since November 2nd, Butler has been on a hunger strike and a petition has over 2,300 signatures asking for President Wolfe to be fired or just resign. President Wolfe met with Butler and student groups on Friday to discuss the university’s handling of racial harassment cases, according to the Associated Press. Since then the student-athletes are helping to show how serious this issue is for all students and hitting the school where it hurts: FOOTBALL.

If the team does not play this Saturday against BYU this could cost the school a lot of money.

One of our favorite twitter followers @MatthewACherry stated, “It may seem like the @MIZZOUfootball team boycotting their next game trivial but money talks. Especially millions”.

He then tweeted a chart of MIZZOU athletics finance report from 2013-2014 and we are talking about Football revenue of over $35 million last year. Of course this missed game would probably be less than what Head Coach Pinkel makes in a year, but it’s still a lot of money. This is enough money to get boosters to speak up and alumni to push for change. MIZZOU didn’t join the SEC to see their College Football team sit out and not play. So I am sure we will hear something soon and hopefully it will meet the demands of the students.


Click on the Image to Read the List of Demands #ConcernedStudent1950 #MIZZOUHungerStrike

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