[WATCH] Find Out LeBron James’ Secret To Playing His ‘Best basketball’ of His Life

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The self proclaimed King James just added a ritual to his everyday treatment to becoming a better player and you may have never guessed what it could be. Resting? No, meditating, not so fast, eating green and healthy? Who does that? The secret to his season success has been his new found love for wine. Earlier this week, James and the Cavaliers made a trip to one of the wine capitals of Napa between games at the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday and Utah Jazz tomorrow evening. During the Cavs shoot around Wednesday, James details his new found treatment.

James says,

“It kind of started around when I turned 30, actually. I started to just learn. I wanted to learn about it. Everybody was talking about how great it is and the different regions – not only here in America, but also obviously Italy and France and so many different places.

So, I started to do some research. I started tasting different wines, and it took a while for my pallet to actually give into it. Because your first time drinking wine, it’s not a very, very lasting taste. Like my daughter said – before I left her try some of my wine. She said, “It tastes like rocks.” And I gave her some very, very, very good wine, too. She said, “Ooh, it tastes like rocks. It’s nasty.” So, I kind of understand what she said.

But over the years, the last few years, I’ve been learning a lot about it and the different types of grapes and the different types of vines they be on, different type of region, the red, the white, blends and things of that nature.

So, it’s great to be in wine country.

I’ve heard it’s good for the heart. As far as healing powers, I’m playing the best basketball of my life, and I’m drinking some wine pretty much every day. So, whatever it is, I’ll take it”

James shares which wine is his favorite,

James’ favorite bottle, he told, is a Screaming Eagle cabernet, made just north of Napa in Oakville, Calif. The bottles can cost several thousand dollars a bottle. Can’t blame the man for enjoying a nice glass of wine but is that really keeping his game lock and loaded during his 15th season? With the former NBA MVP 33rd birthday right around the corner, December 30th, he most definitely will have his favorite glass poured. The 6-foot-8, 250 lbs is averaging just under a triple double for the season going for 27.8 pts, 9.3 asst, and 8.3 reb per game this season. Buy the man more wine because this season, the Cavaliers will face their toughest season as the Celtics have arose as one of their biggest threats in the eastern conference. Although, the big bad wolf in San Francisco is still wanting on yet another epic NBA Finals rematch.

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