[WATCH] Players’ Tribune Releases Isaiah Thomas’ Reaction To Boston Trade To Cleveland

Players' Tribune

In the harsh reality of sports, especially professional sports, business can shake an athlete’s entire world. Unfortunately, 2-time NBA All-Star, Isaiah Thomas had to experience this first hand after being traded from the city he had developed a deep relationship for. The Boston Celtics traded their starting guard to the Cleveland Cavaliers this offseason during the Kyrie Irving saga. In a video released Wednesday, The Players’ Tribune captured Thomas’ raw emotions when he learned of his trade to the Cavaliers. During the video, we the fans, get a behind the scenes look at the reality of professional athlete’s tough transition of being traded. Not only does a trade affect a players career, but most importantly, a trade affects families.

“What are you talking about. My kids about to start school,” Thomas said after learning he was traded by the Boston Celtics GM, Danny Ainge .  “Danny’s like that, but I mean, I’m not trippin’. It’s just crazy that they would do that. Off the strength, after everything I went through [expletive],” Thomas says, “you’re not supposed to do that.”


Although, this is Thomas’ third time being traded from a team, this go around it really hit the core of his emotions. Thomas became a NBA household name during his tenure in Boston going to back to back NBA All-Star appearances. We can’t forget watching Thomas loose his tooth after fighting around a pick in the Eastern Conference semifinals and having the guts to play after the death of his sister, Chyna, at the end 2016-17 season. In his final season in Boston, Thomas was averaging 28.9 points per game while he led the Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals. Today, Thomas is in rehab recovering from a hip injury, according to ESPN the final determination for when Thomas would play would be a joint decision agreed upon by Thomas, the Cavs’ front office and the team’s medical staff. Surely, Thomas has the Cavaliers’ Jan. 3rd game marked on his calendar as the defending Eastern Champions  will visit the TD Garden verses his former team. I smell a revenge game!

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