Westbrook In Midst Of Historical Season

011716-NBA-Thunder-Russell-Westbrook-PI-CH.vresize.1200.675.high_.84If there is one thing NBA fans have learned this season it’s that Russel Westbrook is not a human being. Or at least that’s how it appears when he has stepped on the court this season. Many critics expected Westbrook to show some regression in his game this season because he lost his partner in crime Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors. Well… not so fast. Westbrook has not only proved doubters WRONG but he has turned them into believers.

Westbrook has dominated almost every single time he has set foot on the hardwood. His averages of 31.8 PPG, 10.3 APG and 10.6 RPG are absolutely jaw- dropping. And yes you read that correctly the 6’3 inch ball of energy has managed to average a triple double this season. The Oklahoma City guard has somehow managed to put up video game stat lines consistently throughout this season. Quite frankly the NBA has not witnessed a season quite like Westbrooks since… ever. Although Oscar Robertson did actually average a triple double way back in 1962 the NBA was not nearly as competitive as it is today which makes Westbrook’s stat line slightly more impressive. Now to put this into perspective, Westbrook has 33 triple doubles while the rest of the league has 31 combined. It is simply dominance in its purest form. Statistically Westbrook has been amazing even by historical standards which stamps his place in NBA history.

Russell-Westbrook Even with all the flashy plays and outstanding stats, Westbrook’s biggest feat this season has been simple… win. Now of course basketball is a team sport but Westbrook has succeeded in keeping his team afloat in the race for home court advantage in the vaunted western conference with a record of 40- 29. Many pundits believed the Thunder MIGHT make the playoffs by a sliver of luck, yet Russel has gracefully carried this team full of misfits into the playoffs. Winning is something that Westbrook has clearly put an emphasis on regardless of his supporting cast and when his mind is set to winning there are very few in the NBA who would dare stand in his way.

At this point all NBA fans can do is sit back and marvel at the historical season Westbrook is having. Through all the peaks and valleys of this NBA season he has been one of the few players who have consistently put up great numbers AND win. Westbrook has undoubtedly left his mark on the 2016/2017 NBA season and it will go down as one of the greatest statistical performances by a single player in sports history.


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