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Why Are The 2016 Summer Olympics Still Happening In Rio?

Photo via the Brazil Olympic Committee

We are literally days from the opening ceremonies for the summer 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and it’s been disaster after disaster after disaster. It begs the question, why is the summer Olympics in Rio still a thing. With the devastating news of the Zika virus, Brazil is allegedly broke, the police and first responder’s not being paid, the living conditions truly inhabitable and now reports of the ocean waters filled with bacteria, again why is this still a thing?

I don’t remember the 2012 Olympics but I do remember 2008. My daughter was born that year and as a matter of fact, the day before opening ceremonies. Selfishly, I wanted her to be born on 08/08/08 but that not the way nature intended things to go. Since my younger days I’ve always looked forward to watching the Olympics mainly for gymnastics, swimming and track and field (some of the races). Oh, let’s not forget the opening and closing ceremonies. China won the bid for the 2008 Olympics and they put on a mighty show. I was in awe sitting in my hospital bed watching the well put together show. The bright lights, the amazing costumes, song and dance…it was spectacular.

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I can’t help but to think how this year’s summer Olympics are going to go. I mean, you already have doom and gloom. A Chinese hurdler was vomited on and robbed his first day in Rio. I’ve noticed that the promotion for the Olympics hasn’t beaten anyone over the head. It’s been relatively low key, quiet. I think we’ll all be tuned in more for the messiness than for the athletes who have trained and worked hard to solidify being the world’s greatest athlete . You know it’s going to be a sh*t show. YOU. KNOW. THIS.

I’m looking forward to watching Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas dominate in their field. I wish everyone the best of luck. Be safe. You’re clearly not in the same Rio as Blu and Jewel.


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