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Why Corky Kell Classic Is The Start Of Our Football Season

Recapping The Weekend

On this new episode of The ATL Fan Podcast, we introduce Recapping the Weekend where we’ll recap the various events, College football and NFL games, or major sporting events that happened around the country that Fans Favorite Fan attended or watched over the weekend.

For the 5th year in a row, Team Fans Favorite Fan attended the Corky Kell Classic at the Georgia State Stadium & Mercedes Benz Stadium.

This is a great annual event that showcases some of Georgia’s top high school teams & talent.

Besides getting to check out some exciting young talent, I suggest that aspiring broadcast journalists attend the Corky Kell Classic. It’s one of the stepping stones that helped connect me with Fans Favorite Fan and launch the ATL Fan Podcast!

While some high school football teams were absorbing Friday Night Lights excitement, our Atlanta Braves were dealt with a series sweep by the Colorado Rockies this weekend.

Joining us for an interview at the Corky Kell is special guest Donovan James with Athalon Sports and Donovan talks with me about some exciting players at the Corky Kell that look like they can have a great future in store for them.

Donovan also talks about why Georgia has become one of the premier states for high school foot ball prospects. Atlanta is blowing up and making it attractive for all types to move here.

Next we have on Itoro Umontuen join us to talk about the Atlanta Falcons’ preason games so far. Itoro shares his thoughts on how the Falcons are showcasing some glimpses of what should make a positive season.

We talk about the importance of preseason games, in particular, what to look for in the third preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Itoro thinks this will be a good test as the Jaguars defense is outstanding this season, which he proclaims as the best outside of the Rams.

We wrap up discussing how awesome the Corky Kell Classic has been and even just the concessions at the Mercedes Benz Stadium is great.

It was a great weekend for Fans Favorite Fan and here at the ATL Fan Podcast.

Look for more episodes recapping the weekend as Football season is here!!!



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