Most Stylish NBA Player: Andrew Wiggins?

In the latest issue of GQ Magazine, the 2014 NBA Draft #1 pick Andrew Wiggins has set a goal to become the leagues most stylish player. In the spread, Wiggins is photographed wearing high end clothing by top fashion designers. The 19 year old says to GQ, “A lot of players come into the league and don’t worry about their style. But me, I’m going in (the NBA) with a bang.”


As a guy who is also into fashion, I would say Wiggins seems to have some knowledge of what he is talking about. Few players are not aware of the numerous opportunities they could be presented in the fashion industry while playing professional basketball. Guys want to play like LeBron but also, they want to dress like LeBron. Although Wiggins should focus on his rookie year in the league, who’s to say that the guy can’t have some fun?

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