Wolves slaughter the Hawks

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The title is a bit much, but I can’t deny what I saw. Watching these two play against each other seemed a bit unfair, but I’ve seen them both play before this game so I thought by the time they met up this would be a decent matchup. I was wrong. West Georgia did what they do best. Offensively they made plays and their defense was just straight up disrespectful. Shorter on the other hand has yet to get it together offensively and let’s just say that the entire team needs a mental pick me up. It’s one thing to see Shorter’s stats and wonder why they couldn’t get something going offensively, but then to actually witness how easily players give up penalties it’s like “OH THAT’S HOW THEY ARE LOSING!” I tried to find the words to describe this game, but the only thing I can come up with is that this was an opportunity for the West Georgia Wolves to show NFL scouts & teams what they can do if they were watching ESPN3.


The Shorter Hawks share the same spot at the bottom in the Gulf South Conference rankings with Mississippi College at 0-8, 0-6. The Wolves are at the top under West Alabama and you can see that they have their eyes set on the number one spot. When the Hawks finally scored I screamed in relief. I came into this game thinking this was going to be a decent matchup but then my mood shifted towards, “Why am I here?” 


My answer to why I was there was that I needed to see if Shorter could work through their issues as a team and communicate. This team is hurting not only because of issues off the field, but the fact that a handful of players that came in practicing with this team aren’t allowed to play because waivers were not handled before the season started. Imagine if there were 4-5 players that came from Division I power 5 conference schools to your program, but aren’t able to play right away. This is the situation this team is in, but it does not excuse the fact that there are other players on this team that should step up to play every game. Mentally Shorter is missing something that will connect the team past this and they still have time to figure that out before the season is over.

West Georgia didn’t brutally beat Shorter the way I thought they would, but it really showed how disconnected this team is. This goes beyond coaching and the players have to want to do better on the field. It was a cold night in Carrollton that didn’t warm up at all. Just look at the score.

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