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Woman in Sports : Shelby Clayton

” My Love for sports stems from the passion of the fans surrounding the game and their teams. The momentum of a football game, for example, can shift at any play in the game. It is remarkable how emotionally invested we are in our favorite teams” – Shelby Clayton

Ms. Shelby Clayton knew that her career would be in the sports field. She knew it because of her experience as a student-athlete playing tennis and volleyball in high school. She enjoyed having passionate conversations with her family members who are Cleveland Cavaliers, Indian, and Browns fans so you can imagine how that went. Once she stepped foot on University of Georgia’s campus that sealed the deal. Shelby learned the value of teamwork, confidence, and discipline which she expressed as being the foundation of her success due to her experience as a student-athlete. Her love for sports grew as she attended The University of Georgia. Shelby realized that sports was more than just about winning or losing, and that it was more of a platform. A platform that shows how sports makes a huge impact in the community and brings people from different ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds.



The three most important people whom inspired her career was her father, her mother and Uncle Stuart Scott. Shelby is a huge sports fan so attending basketball, football, and baseball games were a must in her parent’s household. At a young age her father passed on his love for sports to his children, however Shelby was the only child to remain a devoted sports fan out of his three other children. Shelby’s godfather or as she likes to call him her Uncle Stuart Scott, was known as Mr. Boo-Yah on ESPN’s SportsCenter. He passed away from a long battle with cancer, but not before he left a huge impact in Shelby’s life. He taught her how to never stick to the “norms” and to always stay true to who you are. Mrs. Clayton, her mother, is the backbone and inspiration in Shelby’s life. From driving Shelby to her volleyball and tennis practices, she never missed a game and was always her biggest fan.


Upon graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in Advertising and a minor in Sociology, Shelby Clayton landed her dream job working for the Worldwide Leader in Sports, ESPN in New York City. Shelby works in the digital media group which she equips sales to Private Marketplace Digital Account Executives within the Customer Marketing and Sales Department. Before obtaining her dream job, Shelby appeared on CNN as a Generation Y panelist in which she gave her opinion on what was happening in the Middle East as well as race related topics. Shelby has also been featured in the Disney Professional Internship campaign, AdPr@Grady Blog, ESPN Front Row, and Musings of Krav. Ms. Clayton also interned with the United States Tennis Association, UGA Athletic Association, and The Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Special Events. Her tremendous work ethic, glowing personality, and professionalism is what has led her to were she is today.

Volunteering, networking, and being yourself are the three most important pieces of advice that Ms. Clayton has shared with any woman trying to break into this industry. By volunteering at sporting events, it allows you to build your resume while making connections to land a paid opportunity. Networking is the most CRUCIAL thing to do in this field. Shelby states, “building relationships, attending industry events, and speaker series will create opportunities for you to be considered for an interview or help you advance in your career.” Being yourself in a male dominated industry is very important! You may not be a sports genius or the smartest person in the room, but your personality has to shine above all else. She states that working side by side with the most talented, ambitious, and kind hearted people in the world pushes her to be the best she can be and is her favorite thing about her job. Shelby is always receiving support which all started from her internship with ESPN last summer, she thanks Amy, Billy, and Patti for giving her an opinion to showcase her talents.

Bristol, CT - November 10, 2015 - Photo Studio: Portrait of Shelby Clayton (Photo by Joe Faraoni/ ESPN Images)

Bristol, CT – November 10, 2015 – Photo Studio: Portrait of Shelby Clayton
(Photo by Joe Faraoni/ ESPN Images)


Favorite Quote: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” This quote by Maya Angelou express how Shelby Clayton wants to live her life, sometimes people get caught up in their everyday routine and don’t have the time to appreciate the beautiful moments that life can bring. Shelby wants to enjoy her life’s journey knowing it is full of surprises and her moving to New York City and traveling to various places encourages that.

Favorite Gameday Dish:  Chicken with honey mustard or barbecue pulled chicken sandwich

Favorite Professional Athlete: “LeBron James has brought a championship back to Cleveland after 52 years and his foundation has provided millions of dollars to helping kids in and around Akron, OH as well as receiving scholarships. LeBron is the real MVP. Go Cavs !”


Thank you Shelby Clayton from Team Fans Favorite Fan! You are definitely a fan’s favorite!

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1 Comment

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    January 26, 2017 at 9:09 pm

    Congratulations, KC. Good job. So proud of Ms Shelby. Blessings

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