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Woman In Sports: Alexis Robinson

Here at Fans Favorite Fan, we have a new feature ‘Woman In Sports’ that highlights the amazing work that women are doing in this is male dominated field. I had the pleasure of speaking with Alexis Robinson of DiamondMPR. DiamondMPR is a full service public relations and marketing firm working with your favorite athletes, entertainers, and events.

Connie Irvin: Where are you from and what school did you attend?

Alexis Robinson: I was born and raise in Las Vegas! I am obsessed with my city. I went to Green Valley High and went on to play college tennis at Dixie State.

CI:What made you fall in love with sports?

AR: I come from a huge sports family. My father was a professional basketball player along wit a lot of others in my family. It’s honestly in my blood I feel like.



CI: How did you get your start in sports PR?

AR:I started interning for a woman who was working with Deion Sanders while at school at Oklahoma and just utilized all of my pro sports connections and branched out on my own. I just had my 1 year anniversary of being a business owner, it’s awesome.

CI: How did you get involved with Front Office Sports?

AR: I saw a lot of their content on Twitter and reached out to the CEO honestly just wondering what they were all about and if they wanted to interview some of my athletes, then it turned into them saying “Hey, why don’t you create content and do interviews yourself!” Now I am doing that and I love it!

CI: What is it like being a Black professional in a male dominated field?

AR: I personally have had more problems being a female in this industry than being black, but I won’t deny it is hard. Especially during these times where racial issues are more apparent, it’s hard to ignore and I will admit I have turned down projects or clients because of stance on things. It’s hard being a woman in the sports industry because in all honesty there will be a lot of men who want want more than a professional relationship, or they don’t see you as adequate enough to even do the job. I’ve had this happen a couple of times, I’ve been asked out on dates while working tournaments but I never allow myself to get distracted with the work. I just stay very focused on my tasks and make sure I do a good job in everything that I do. I can’t afford to slip up because I don’t want there to be any reservations about hiring me. I just work extra hard.


coach kruger

CI: Who do you look up to in this industry? Mentor?

AR: No one in particular in the industry; I look up to my mother who is so hard working and done everything for herself. Being a former tennis player of course Serena is a hero too!

CI: What advice would you give to other young ladies wanting to enter the field of sports PR?

AR: Be resilient and stay focused. You are going to get a lot of nos, but don’t let up. You have to push harder being a female in this industry and you HAVE to separate the personal stuff.

CI: Favorite stadium?

AR: Jerry World, not a Cowboys fan in particular but boy that stadium!

CI: Top NFL team?

AR: I don’t have one, I am from Vegas so I don’t have favorite sports teams really but I love my Oklahoma Sooners!

CI: Do you workout? How do you find your balance, peace?

AR: I had a lot of health issues over the summer, so working out has kind of been on the back burner, so lately doing things to find balance and peace has just been traveling and really throwing myself into my job. I also suffered a huge loss of a loved one this summer and really forced myself to remember how lucky I am to get to do what I want for a living, and so I also started focusing on helping other girls get into this industry.


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